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Default Re: Thoughts on Veeraphol Sahaprom?

Originally Posted by Tin_Ribs View Post
If he thought John and that streak o' pish Caballero could bring it, he's in a bigger world of **** than Private Pyle.

How do you think Sahaprom would've fared against Borkhorsor? Hard going there for Veeraphol I think, good as he was......
Bus Station and Veeraphol is very interesting. I'll take the Borkorsor of the Herrera fight to bust Sahaprom up, although I think Sahaprom could have a lot of success with his right hand, which was scaringly accurate against a southpaw. Venice could counter well, and although we don't have too much footage of it his jab was supposed to be consistent and accurate; he tamed pure boxer Salavarria with it. Obviously his size advantages lessen up at bantam, but he still looked a tank against the taller Herrera, and Sahaprom wasn't a big bantam himself.

Venice takes a close decision. Sahaprom looks a mess.

As for Anarci, knowledgable but shocking application. He'd argue 'til he was blue in the face about how Mosley was one of the 30 greatest fighters of ll time and how Ricardo Lopez was top ten. No time for him, although I did appreciate his knowledge.

Where da funk is Addie anyway??!
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