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Default Re: If Vitali was fighting in the 1970's-1980's

He would have a better chance then if his prime was in the mid 90's.

The amount of damage his 6'7 body would have taken from the 90's punchers would have ended his career by the time he hits 33-34.

He might have beaten the likes of Bruno-Ruddock-Tua-Morrison-Golota but all those punchers would have inflicted a lot of damage.

In the 70's and 80's, he would have taken less damage, but a aging Vitali would have been a Prime Larry Holmes victim.

A Prime Vitali would probably had been a Holmes victim.

Maybe if Vitali can last until Tyson, he can become a Tyson victim.

Vitali is the single most overrated heavyweight to be called an 'ATG'.

The guy stepped up in class twice and was brutally embarrassed in both fights.

He quit against a god damn former Middleweight because of a hurt shoulder and was on his way to getting knocked the **** out by a 38 year old 260 pound semi retired corpse version of Lennox.
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