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Originally Posted by FastHands(beeb) View Post
If the competitive flame truly burned within his heart, he would call out Wlad for a rematch, not go for his older declining Brother..
If I'm not mistaken he did call for a rematch with Wlad. Where was Dempsey's 'competitive spirit' against Wills again? Oh he signed to fight C Class Brennan, LHW Gibbons, Dying Miske and Firpo instead

Originally Posted by Ricky42791 View Post
It was said earlier that David Haye was simply too small and wlad was just too big. I'm saying that thats not a good enough excuse to fight like he did. Willard is no where close to Wlads league but did dempsey fight scarred the whole time? no he ran at that mountain of a man like a bat out of hell.
Are you comparing Wlad to a 37yo Willard? Audley is the same size as Willard pretty much, a better comparison

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
It's not about rating Wlad. It's about the worst 12 round effort i've ever seen from any supposedly elite fighter against the only truly elite competition he's met.
What genuine elites has Dempsey met? Could the same claims you make about Haye be made about Liston?
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