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Default Re: If Vitali was fighting in the 1970's-1980's

Originally Posted by tezel8764 View Post
He would get deported back to USSR.


No he would not of. His 'heroic escape' would of been used as a tool to show the 'First World' was better than the 'Communists'. Then to top it off, the lack of amateur pedigree (because he left the USSR), would of meant he would of been given an 'American' style, which I doubt he would ever of taken too, and thus would of been nothing special as a fighter.

Indeed I suspect he would been nothing but a freak show. The 'Frankenstein Monster from the USSR'. The show would go down well in the Southern States, as he flattened a load of tin cans, but at around 25-0 (25), he would of stepped up to a 'live body', and would of been found wanting. The granite chin, just prolonging the beating he would of taken.
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