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Default Re: who think chris weidman can beat silva?

Originally Posted by Rob_Floyd View Post
Jones would definitely take Anderson down. The threat of the KO is a lot more real than the threat of submission. If anything, nearly getting subbed was a good thing for his career. There is no doubt that he will be working hard on his submission defence, now.

I do like that now that Jones was close to being subbed, it's a massive exploitable weakness in his game. Unless you have Vinny Magalhaes level BJJ, you do not want Jones on top of you. We see Bendo get stuck in super tight submission attempts all the time, yet no one thinks that the best gameplan to fight him is to try to sub him from the bottom.

It's damned funny how in seemingly all of his fights he gets caught out and full-on choked for two minutes, then comes back and wins the round.

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