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Default Re: mundines advanced negotiations bull****

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
I hope Geale ducks him then, and takes an easy fight in GGG.
Taking that fight would be admirable but like it or not it would be a clear duck of Choc.

Originally Posted by bruiserh View Post
Your a goose mate. But also the most tolerable of the mandy huggers. The righteous indignation you carry on with cracks me up
Goose is a pathetic insult.

Originally Posted by mrdoctor View Post
mundine really ****ed some guys off and no aount of money will lure a geale rematch.
tc look up the word mandatory in the dictionary,remember when i owned you?
you didnt even know what a mandatory was u fckwit...!
mundine has no one to fight except woods for a decider!
your in the brotherhood,have u told your pastor yet?
You are brutally dim.

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
u didnt own me at anything. The only thing you own is yourself champ.. you have done this on MANY occasions since you first started posting here.

1. i reckon part of the green/briggs fight was a understanding not to go too hard on briggs

2. green wont go for cameron cos of his rank and what happened in the briggs fight.

3. so briggs takes a dive,like you said...then green saves briggs face the next day and you call green a

4. what happened to you on the briggs fight was not your gave a guy a chance to have a crack at your world needed to stay active and you gave briggs a chance...mike tyson gave holmes

5. looks like he (Danny Green) is going to go after some of the heavyweight blokes in the top 10

6.danny green is defending his cruiserweight title in australia against paul briggs....he offered dawson and tarver millions to fight him but they turned him down....this will be a good s****

And thats just scratching the surface of your post history you clown!
Number 6 cracks me up.

Originally Posted by fighta29 View Post
You are an idiot
Weak (again).

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Yep, there he is
Creepy puppet virgin loser.
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