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Default Re: Thoughts on Veeraphol Sahaprom?

Yeah, Sahaprom's right would keep him in the fight, as probably would his follow-up work and overall countering ability with both hands. I'm just about with you on everything here: Herrera, Salavarria, size, the jab etc. Maybe Borkhorsor of the Herrera fight might put clear daylight between himself and Sahaprom even if he doesn't win by KO. I'm not sure where I stand on Bus Station's chances of a stoppage/KO/retirement actually, though my instinctual first thought was that he'd have a fair chance of forcing the issue. Sahaprom was reasonably durable and impassive/cagey with it as well as being pre-prime and faded respectively at the time of the losses to Konadu and Hasegawa, but Borkhorsor was obviously heavy handed, pretty relentless with it and like you say a good counter puncher himself (from what we have of him). Wish we had the Gonzalez fight.

Yeah, I respected anarci's background in the sport, his experience and all that to a certain degree, but he was arrogant, biased and illogical with it and pushed it down your throat in a way that got on my tits a little bit, especially if like us you were relatively young. Used to lmfao at the Lopez stuff . Still, I always think that I might come across as a **** to other people too on occasion. We all ought to be a bit more like Vic-Jofre and john garfield

Not seen Addie for ages. Don't really keep up with ebb and flow of the forum though, and I'm not in much of a position to talk with the way I vanish for chunks of time on end. I actually miss the thin-skinned git . Didn't always agree with him and I'm not sure he ever quite forgave me for saying that Saldivar would've done Barrera over like a ginger stepson, but he definitely brought something to the table and was in some good debates. Tried to reassure him that I honestly liked Barrera, and I think I was making some headway until I casually threw out that Legra would've beaten him, Morales and Marquez, and that Chucho, Herrera, Medel, Macias etc were just as good (maybe better in the case of the first two). And the house came tumbling down......
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