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Default Re: How did you guys think Kell Brook looked during his open workout yesterday?

McCraken ain't the answer either. I saw the same happen with Junior Witter, although he stayed with the Ingles for his career instead of moving on to another level.

I don't think Dom is bad, don't get me wrong, but it's normally the case when a fighter under performs or looses that they will look for an excuse to cling onto and 9 times out of 10 its directly or indirectly aimed at the trainer. And 99% of the time thats complete BS, no fighter wants to be honest and admit it was there own fault. But the ones who come back stronger, are those that are honest with themselves, because they can genuinely move forward and learn.

Virgil Hunter is the next level for Brook, but it looks like Khan already got in, Freddie Roach is a no no no no no, Emmanuel Steward aint well, Roger Mayweather I doubt also, Joel Diaz? Maybe. McCraken? I don't see getting any more out of him than what the Ingles are doing. Jim McDonnell don't think so at all. So what does that leave, staying at the Ingle gym? Clev's dad? I doubt. Ricky Burns trainer? **** knows.

Adam Booth could be a decent shout!

I think it's about gameplans and improving on what he has now.

But I guarantee if Brook repeats the Carson Jones thing, not necessarily in the next fight, but in the next few fights, they'll shift all the blame onto Dominic Ingle.
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