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Default Re: Roy Jones vs. Harry Greb @ MW.

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post
Jones was NEVER a MW...

nobody ever allows for such realities when making these mythical match ups.

RJJ was a Big guy in the trues sense, and fighting at almost any other time bar the last 30 years he (like so many more), would have been competing in a higher weight division.

Jones is a L-HW cum HW, now this wouldn't bother old Harry nor men of his ilk, however it is considerations one has to include in these fantasy fights. Bigger fighters (HEIGHT & weight), can't suddenly become smaller people, nor could Greb or others suddenly become bigger men!!!

Greb could beat him sure he could, as he did so many others, but Roy the Boy could defeat Greb too, so it depends on the weight, 175 is more realistic.

No trouble for Harry to make, but Jones would work to stay there, I'd take Harry more often than not, but expect a Jones win every other fight!
but only he was, wasn't he.
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