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Default Re: Thoughts on Veeraphol Sahaprom?

Did Kingpetch really beat Harada and Ebihara?

Sasakul can fit in with the Wonjongkam, Khaosai, Chitalada crowd who all have their pluses and minuses. Wonjongkam was lineal champ for a while and has some decent scalps scattered along a lot of patsies, but he did some good work well past his best as well, exposing Koki Kameda for one

But yeah, I'm not really sold on those placings myself, very heat of the moment. As for Veeraphol, good work, nice consistency, tidy technician, some very solid victories (Daorung, Tatsuyoshi x2, Nishioka x3 arguably) and those are better Jap's than the very awkward and likeable Naito and only a bit talented Kameda. Daorung was a very good technical fighter and Veeraphol only having had a few pro' bouts. Very impressive.

Pone struggled with the light fly (before the division) Kunoi. Like Songkitrat before him he was given a lot of help. Unlike the copper Pone was able to capitalise a bit better. He has two solid victories over a past prime Perez (with the footage we have I see little controversy with the decision in their first fight) and had some ability no doubt. But he lost to all the best he faced IMO. Burruni totally schooled him. He fared better in rematches with his Japs, but was squashed first time round by both.

Chionoi might well edge Pone actually. Either way they both have their plus and minus points and deserve to be bracketed together. They fought in very tough lower weight era's.

Khaosai has some decent victories. Contreras, Pical, Zombie Orono, Lanky Korean Sot beater, yeah, I'll take him over Wonjongkam. Sot has the (sometimes close) series with Bernal, clearly beaten by that Korean fella IMO, beat Magri, lost to Chang x2 IMO.

1. Bus Station
2. Sahaprom
3. Kingpetch
4. Chionoi
5. Khaosai
6. Wonjongkam
7. Muangsurin
8. Chitalada
9. Sasakul
10. Khaokor

Honourable mentions could feasibly rank as high as 6th place: Samart Payakaroon, Payao Poontarat (who clearly beat Watanabe first time IMO) Netrnoi Sor Vorasingh, Daorung. Honourable mentions that could feasibly make the top 15. Berkrek Chartvanchai, Chamroen Songkitrat, Pichit Sithbanprachan.

Excluded: All straw weights.
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