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Default Re: Can someone breakdown Mayweather's leaping left hook?

Originally Posted by BoxinScienceUSA View Post
it's actually quite easy, and fun once you get it. practice slowly for a few minutes and you'll get it down no problem. the trick will be to use it in practical experience. but at the end of my suggested instructions you'll find "set-up" hints

1. get in position by dropping left (like a slip outside their right hand) and sit there for a few seconds and feel the load in the left leg with your right shoulder over your left knee (almost like a short twisting lunge)

2. don't concern yourself with the punch yet, simply take the load in your left leg and propel your body UPward (be patient and practice getting the position to initial movement down first)

3. then become conscious that your right foot touches first as you land in your stance

4. now turn the UP into a FORWARD and throw the hook. it's ok to over exagerate the move while you're learning. have fun with it.

5. now clean up the range and use a moderate propel forward (still from a loaded left leg, landing in your stance with your back leg touching first). this is more realistic. if your normal stepping hook takes 12" you'll be able to get 18-24" from a moderate "leaping left hook".

purpose: hitting your opponent who is backing up with their guard in front of their face

set-up: from the drop left. anytime you find yourself here know what is available for you (close-left upper to body, close/med-left uppercut to chin, med-upjab, far-leaping left hook). and there are sooooo many different ways to set the position with feints, as part of combination, from both offense and defense. that's why it's best to practice from the "position" (which is the left leg load) instead of from the "set-up to position".

does that make sense?
Great stuff
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