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Default Re: Spinks Vs Norton 1978

Originally Posted by Bill1234 View Post
I'm not sure about Michael, but it'd have been close. Granted Michael was a huge puncher at lightheavy, at heavy he wasn't a big puncher and wasn't very strong.

I think Norton would give him a lot of problems with his style and strength. Holmes rocked Spinks several times with his right hand and was also clearly much stronger. Norton, being stronger and a harder puncher than Holmes, would pose big problems for Spinks, especially with his style that is so difficult for the more boxer types such as Spinks, Ali, Holmes, etc.
I agree with you on this. While Micheal did not have the kind of power of pressure that Ideally would trouble Ken, I do feel he had good angles and enough power to keep you honest...while I do not think Leon had it to survive Ken Norton, I do think Michael had a much better chance but just like Norton had the style to give Ali and Holmes hell he would have a better chance against Michael. So while I think Michael could do it and Leon could not I would not bet on Michael Spinks either but his angles and sporadic flurries would deter Norton's momentum IMO but not so sure who would win this.
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