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Default Re: If Bam Bam wins tonight, bet the house that Arum matches him with Pac

Originally Posted by Hatesrats View Post
Who else will they put in there with Pacquaio??
(Please only fights that can be made)

Mayweather is out
DQ any Golden Boy fighter.... who else??

It's going to be Rios (IF he wins tonight) Then Bradley II & Peace out PacMan.
(Also ASSuming Manny get's by Juan)
Whether or not Bobs willing to do business with GBP isnt what im addressing though.

Im saying that the fight isnt Pac worthy, regardless of whos available (and I hold not fighting GBP fighters against Bob and Pac)

That being said, they should immediatly be going into a bradley rematch after JMM (like you said, if he is able to actually beat Marquez this time)

Shouldnt even be talk of Rios as his next opponent. It should simply be bradley.
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