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Default Re: How good was Audley Harrison?

In my eyes, Audley has achieved very little in the pro ranks at least. I don't think he ever really expected to win a gold medal and then when it happened he suddenly thought "time to cash in and milk this for every penny i can" so he started to make noises about being the next heavyweight champion of the world and talking and selling a good fight.

He must have realised in sparring and even in his early fights against reasonably poor opposition that he wasn't ever going to make the grade against the top fighters. Yet he has earned millions from the sport, simply by talking the talk, it's easy to laugh at him for some of his performances but he will be chuffed with himself and the he's made. For someone that never came close to being on the level of the top guys in the division he has earned probably more than most.

He just never had a fighters heart or a killer instinct, he was terrified of getting hit, awful going backwards, and never really seemed to have any tactics or game plan.
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