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Default Re: Cassius Clay vs. Alonzo Johnson 'A Kentucky Flop'

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post
Easy, T Booze,

Lets not make out like Alonzo Johnson was some kind of monster,,,,,,

The guy couldn't punch, as he was a certified 'feather-fisted boxer'.

Now, by mid-1959 Alonzo looked like a 'prospect' by going 16-1-0 (5 KO's), but
since that time he had gone 2-6-0 in his last '8-bouts', and Alonzo had only '2-bouts'
in the past year.

And little Alonzo was only a 6' 0" 180 lb. fighter, and he had to fight at Heavyweight
to make any 'money'.

If that bout was held anywhere but Louisville, Alonzo gets the Decision 47-46 (4-3-3 in Rounds).
I some how doubt a fighter with big money behind him, is not going to get the benefit of any 'alleged' doubt, anywhere.

But as a comparison to the 'modern' Heavyweight prospect (MHP), it is an interesting study.

Ali fought as often as the 'general' MHP, but look at the step up in class, compared to his modern peers. Ali's management took on the face of it, 'risky fights', but they were, with hindsight, in control of the situation, and I guess early on knew they had something special in Ali.

It is a bit sad, that modern promotions so often lack the confidence in MHP. Fearing a lost of the '0', even in a close fight, where it seems the MHP would benefit long term from a defeat.
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