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Default Re: Edwin Valero would have put a horrific beating on Manny Pacquiao....

Originally Posted by KnuckleUp99 View Post
Over rated by some....but most had a realistic understanding of how good the kid really was. Could he beat Pac? He had the power to KO anyone in or around his weight class but he didn't have the style or tools to make that outcome more realistic than Pac winning.

Ed was very solid in terms of his skills but he relied on his power far too much and who can blame him? But that would've been his undoing if his promoters threw him in there with Manny. Valero got reckless a LOT.....Pac would have punched in between Valero's wide winging punches, eating him up.....for as long as Valero could hold up he would be game but eventually he wouldn't be able to take anymore punishment.

Valero was tailor made for Pac......having only a punchers chance to over come the odds.
Agree with this. Never understood the arguement for Valero taking him out. Pac does everything better for me, the only edge Valero might have had was power.
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