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Default Re: If Alan Rudkin had beaten Fighting Harada...

To me he didn't have the elite qualities to compete with that kind of competition and consistently win or get through a fight like Fighting Harada. You have to take in consideration the fight was in japan, but by no means Rudkin was on the same level.

He didn't that have killer instinct at the highest possible level. He never seemed like he could ever take control against someone like Harada.

I think he falls short due to his attributes in comparison with a Jofre or Harada. He could compete well against anyone other than them two around bantamweight.

I think his career was on the right track but Harada sort of knocked it off the rails.

I don't think he would have ever beat him on any given night. Not even if it was in Rudkin's hometown.

Eder beat him twice imo. I believe homecooking won Harada the fights. Even though they were fairly close fights. The first one was anyway.
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