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Default Re: If Vitali was fighting in the 1970's-1980's

I honestly don't know.

Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes are two fighters that I have a lot of confidence in to beat Vitali, but for me they'd both have to be at their best, which neither of them were for much of the 70's. Holmes did not reach his peak until somewhere around 1979-1980, where as a fully primed Ali was probably 60's. I love George Foreman, but this would be a fight where for once he'd be outmatched on all levels, physically, stylistically, etc.. Joe Frazier was a better man on a p4p basis, but that doesn't help him in an actual match. The rest of the crowd such as Norton, Shavers, Lyle, Quarry and Young don't cut it. I think Vitali Klitschko would be very, very hard to beat in most eras..
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