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Default Re: sonny liston vs jack johnson.....

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post

Everything you say is correct. If you’re trying to help Mcvey out on the topic of Jack Johnson I wish you good luck. McVey is a forgetful dolt who uses selective sources ( and sometimes blasts the same source he used previously), ignores facts, and plays double standards. If you press him enough he’ll become angry. Some of his excuses for Johnson are hilarious. If you put him in his place, he’ll play the race card. That’s when you know you have him dead to rights. The funny thing is the old man has a psychological need to post last in each thread, as if he who writes last wins. I once saw him posting a reply to a comment of mine at 3AM in the morning in the UK.
The reason I post last when you are involved is because I always top you, and you run out of ideas very quickly, then do not reply when asked for primary sources to back up your outright lies. Being an illiterate moron will do that for you.
For the record, I do think you are a racist, as well as a coward ,and a liar. Now do what you like about it. Why don't you try getting me banned again?

I keep whatever hours I wish because I dont have to work for a living, simply because I made my money and retired at 56, its all gravy from here in.

PS Dont forget this "old man "made you shit your trousers when he took up your challenge.
I haven't ,and never will.

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