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Default Re: adonis stevenson would stop froch inside 4 rounds.

Stevenson is a glass jawed joke. He gets killed b anyone that has a punch and decent workrate. Everytime George landed a significant shot he hurt him. Boone KTFO’d him in two rounds!!! a guy with a 50% winning record and a less than 50% KO rate. Stevenson gets sparked by Froch, Bute and embrassed and shut out by Ward. He likely loses to everyone in the top 10. He's 1 dimensional with no chin it's a horrible combination and he's 35, dude ain't shit actually he is a piece of shit. The biggest piece of shit in boxing, I can't beleive anyones getting behind this overhyped scumbag.

Froch is the absolute worst style match up for stevenson, a guy with a great chin that can pucnh! it would be murder, it would make the Bute destruction look tame. Bute would also have this piece of shit drooling on the ground with his eyes rolling into the back of his head
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