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Default Re: Barerra vs Morales I. What a phenom**** Fight. Alot of heart in the ring that nig

It was a shame no fight 4 happened. Could have been straight after 3, or anytime really

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
I personally thought fight 3 was the clearest of the series, and I scratch my head when people say fight 2 is.

In fight 2, Marco clearly has a complete comeback. The only question is whether or not you give more than 1 in the first 6 rounds to him. The more early and middle rounds you give to Barrera, the more likely you scored him coming back. Its Morales volume vs. Barrera's power.

In fight three, there is NO argument for Morales winning more than a single round in the first 6. All the unified rules criteria in those rounds favor Barrera: Harder, cleaner connects, more landed punches, better defense, and the ring generalship is near total. They are the most one sided rounds they fought in three fights. Morales has a rally of his own, but it's also clearly an incomplete one: He loses the 9th clearly, and the 10th is arguable.

There is just no real way to score the 3rd fight for Morales, and a draw is giving him every benefit of the doubt. In the 2nd fight, Barrera CAN be given a win with the benefit of the doubt, and a draw isn't a huge stretch.
1 is the clearest for MAB for me, 2 could go either way - edge Morales maybe, 3 is easier to score as a draw for Morales than 1 is
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