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Default Motivation for training

Hey everyone,
I'm 16 year old amateur boxer from Europe, I'm heavyweight, I weight 200 pounds and 6 feet 3 inch tall. I started boxing before 8 months, but last month and a half I trained really hard, for two and a half to three hours 4 days a week. But two weeks ago I started feeling lack of motivation, also my hands become "heavy". I just felt like I don't want to box any more. I attend very good school, one of the best in my country, and I feel like I could have very good future in other professions, maybe in law or medicine, and when you train 3 hours a day, and you need another hour just to get to the gym, it is really hard to have enough time to study and have good grades, but it is possible, and to do that you need motivation, and I don't feel that "fire" inside of me, as I felt three weeks ago.
I took two weeks off, and I don't feel that "fire" in myself, so I thing its not overtraing(also, I have very good nutrition). Instead, I started spending more time learning germane and french.
But when I hear song which reminds me of Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier or Muhammed Ali I get really sad, because I quit. Honestly I feel like a moron, because I quit, because I felt so good in the gym.
I hope that you get how I feel, and I will be very pleased for every reply.

Have a nice day
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