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Default Re: adonis stevenson would stop froch inside 4 rounds.

Originally Posted by Habecki View Post
What does Bute have to do with anything? Bute a true glass chin and a career protected fighter. And if you think Bute has the foot speed of Stevenson you need to get your eyes checked.

Stevenson would do to Froch what he did to George yesterday. Easily outbox him and use his huge speed advantage to bamboozle Slowbra all night. George's right hand is a bigger shot than Froch has and he ate a few with no real issues.
Stevenson has an even worse chin than Bute though!! Bute was running through B level dudes like it wasn't a thing and never getting hurt aside from once vs Andrade. George is C level and hurt the guy, Boone is a ****ing D level journeyman and doesn't even have a lot of power for one of those and he put Stevensons lights out. Stevenson is gonna get his glass jaw shattered by someone not even close to as dangerous as Froch. Froch will walk through him and destroy him within 2 rounds tops. I doubt Stevenson beats anyone in the top 10 aside form STieglitz and there's several outsid ehte top 10 that would shatter his glass jaw to pieces as well. He's a one dimensional chinny dude
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