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Default Re: Judo Combined with Western Boxing?

Good base, but I've had a different experience with kickboxing than you. That is, guys I've totally owned in boxing the round before totally turn it around when they're allowed to kick. Throws off distance and timing.

Also, as has been discussed on here a million times, a lot of judo throws either require the gi or are very difficult to do without it since the unbalancing and momentum you need is harder to generate and control if you don't have a gi to yank on. You'll learn subs and balance and all that, but a lot of the offense won't work nearly as well without a gi on.

I guess I'd say that it'd be better to have some functionality kicking and be comfortable taking kicks than to be better strictly punching and better to base grappling on methods that don't require and practice with a gi.

That is, kickboxing and wrestling.
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