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Default Re: Can someone breakdown Mayweather's leaping left hook?

Im also a big fan of the leaping left hook, but more the d'amato style which someone was stating earlier is definitely evident with Floyd Patterson and Mike Tyson. Slip their right at the same time you're ****ing back your left hook from a crouch position and you just throw your whole body weight in to the hook. Rather than "smooshing to bug" or "putting out the cigarette" with your left toes to get your hips into it its more like a little hop that throws your hips in to it rather than twisting them. It must be done at mid-range its not a punch you throw when your inside it you wouldnt have enough room. I am by no means a great example and I could be flawed but this is how i've thrown in

1:04 [ame][/ame]

1:28/3:32 [ame][/ame]

2:01/2:48 (I missed but its still the same motion)[ame][/ame]
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