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Default Re: adonis stevenson would stop froch inside 4 rounds.

Originally Posted by mclovellin87 View Post
Just watched Superpimp vs George. He's a decent fighter with nice speed and obvious power but George was too slow and one dimensional to push him out of his comfort zone (showed serious ****in heart tho after those body shots). Froch just wouldn't let him cruise like that, he'd be all over him.

His sneaky left hand counters are nicely timed so it would be interesting to see if he could hurt Froch if he can draw him on to enough of them.
Thats my problem with him though. He has the speed and boxing ability to destroy poeple with counters but he seems to be so worried about getting punched in the face that he always takes the lead and rarely looks to set up counter. It really seems like he uses his offense as a his defence and that he throws too many punches. He'll have to adapt his game cause the big boys aren't so easy to hit and with him throwing so many punches they could easily take advantage of his volume to time counters.
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