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Default Re: What is the best kicking martial art?

Originally Posted by hammerofthor View Post

It has a lot of weak points as a whole. But there is A lot of effective kicking techniques
I would change this to:

"there are a lot of kicking techniques"

I'm sure Karate has more arm strikes than boxing (chops, palm strikes, whatever) and a great boxer might have only 12 different punches that he throws (straights, hooks, and uppercuts to the body and head) but no one would think karate is a better hands only fighting art than boxing.

I think the same is true for Muy Thai VS any other kicking art. There aren't tons of different kicks in Muy Thai (foot jabs, low kicks, Thai kicks to the body and head) but they are all effective and there are many different setups.

Truth be told, it's an impossibly vague question to answer. Are we talking about two top fighters in their respective style fighting each other kicks only who wins? Which style has the most powerful kicks? The most effective in MMA? The most kicks in total?

I think Muy Thai's emphasis on checking kicks also makes it superior. Not only does Muy Thai have very good kicks but it also has very good kick defense.

Edit: I am editing to make clear that I don't know **** about Savate or guys who fight Savate. I am comparing Muy Thai primarily to TKD, Karate, and other striking TMAs.
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