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Default Re: Im noob and its feels awkward as hell trying to box, need advice!

Originally Posted by OMGWTF View Post
Ok Im a southpaw and against an orthodox it feels like Im throwing a flurry of punches at his head and hes throwing them at mine then our hands/gloves our colliding with each others hands/gloves mid punch and no ones landing cleanly, and if some one does land a punch to my face I do a crazy noob slip which involves getting my head out the way in a fear reaction type of way completely not slipping properly because it feels like I will get hit if I try to slip the proper way.

Anyway how do I stop fighting like a woman/ having this horrible mess of ineffective offense and defense?

I just dont know how to do it/ learn it!
You have a fear of being hit, lucky for me I was in dozens of street and school fights before I started sparring so had been clocked before and had no fear of being hit because I knew anything short of a big hayemaker doesn't hurt until later.

Practice just defense, where your sparring partner can hit you all he wants and you can;t hit back, do drills, throw in counters but most of all take it slow, the goal of this is not for him to try to hurt you but to hit you just lightly if he does touch you so you lose your fear. Ittakes a long time, andI've seen top quality champs freeze up from fear too, just try to be relaxed and learn better defense. Have an answer for a way to block every punch and u will lose your fear until then you will keep being scared.
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