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Default Re: If Vitali was fighting in the 1970's-1980's

Originally Posted by RememberingC.S. View Post
Is is of course unsure to predict, but probably only George Foreman could have had an high probability to stop him; of course, in the heavyweights there even is an upset probability versus anyone, but he would have been too much oversized, too much chinnier and powerful; the only two matches that i would have wanted to see him in are him versus Valuev (because he could have been the first to put down him), and him versus a prime LL, because the "aged" one would have lost if not the cut.
That's dumb logic. Sorry. That wasn't a lucky cut, it was a tiny welt that Lennox repeatedly hammered into a gigantic gaping ****** hole. It's not like some wild hayemaker which cut Vitali.

Lewis vs Vitali will ALWAYS ALWAYS result in a cut. Vitali's skin is just not up to par with Lewis's accuracy and abilities.

Lewis will cut him 100% of the time. If they fought 100 times, VItali bleeds like a stuck pig 100 times.

A Prime Lennox would beat Vitali to death, winning every single round up until a brutal TKO from anywhere between Rounds 2-12.

The Ruddock Version of Lewis will beat any version of Vitali, much less Prime Lewis.

Vitali gets so over rated it's insane..

Prime Lewis will clown him bad.

Vitali's best win is against a 40 year old part time golfer (RIP Corrie) but we have to tell the truth. Sanders had brutal power and great potential, but he came into the Vitali fight at age 39-40 and did most of his training in restaurants.

Vitali's 2nd best win could very well be Danny Williams or Samuel Peter.

Samuel Peter would have been knocked out by the Olympic Version of Lennox.
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