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Default Re: Can I start boxing at the age of 33?

Hi Friends,
from last five days i try to get speed of punching and my friend count how many punch with power I can hit in one minute with a stopwatch first day count were 140, Day 3 were 170 and on day 5 I am able to hit 210 in one minute and in running i succeed to get the target from 5500 meters to 6500 meters in half an hour and I feel after doing running when i do gym and yoga classes i feel better and even get a good sleep at night.. I consult with local coach and he said that Its not bad result for five days work and said i have to continue doing and set the target of 7000 meters in 4 weeks and said that no need to reduce the weight exercises. Is he said right or I have to set more target then 7000 meters.
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