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Default Re: Roy Jones vs. Harry Greb @ MW.

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post
Don't be so rigid and closed minded!

you don't need film footage of any great or top level fighters

there is so much footage of other greats that one need only "cross" record check.

see who fought who,
how well they did, Reports,
circumstances around any loss - questionable or not, weight drained and such things,
and last if said fighters stepped up against top fighters out of their own division competing well.

all this, and Footage of ones we do see, is proof enough for those top men we can't unfortunately see footage of.

Remember too, most old Film Footage was poor NOT the fighters.
The youtube clips avaliable on the man are not very impressive to say the least, but then when you look at his record and who he beat it boggles the mind. Gene Tunney who is one of the greatest boxing technicians of all time, a real marvel to watch and study, when you hear Greb beat him while outweighed, past prime and blind in one eye..again it boggles the mind.

As for this fight as Seamus said who the **** knows.
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