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Default Re: Haye v Dempsey

-Dempsey vs firpo
-Dempsey vs pattowatomie giant
-Dempsey gets knocked out a ring and knocks a guy down 2 more times in addition to the previous 7
-Dempsey beats the **** out of a guy 6'6 1/2 weighing in at 245. Dempsey has quick hands and good foot work for his time and move slips and covers well, Dempsey has an aggressiveness and grew up homeless and wants it more
-Haye is a lil ***** who was falling over at the end of 12 rounds, Dempsey fought all 12, 15, probably even 20 rounds earlier in his career,
-If Haye did to Klitschko what Dempsey did to Willard a guy who is taller and weighs more, then i'd favour HAYE A little more. Willard was not just tall he was also skilled enough to beat jack johnson, so he had endurance and skill. I don't think Klitschko could last 26 rounds and win against johnson, so I think Dempsey beat better competitors and he knocked out alot of guys in round 1.
-Dempsey fought in an era where the gloves looked awfully thin to me, and when Dempsey punches out 6 of hayes teeth, bust his eye socket and so on, I don't see Haye continuing, instead he'd be *****ing and whining.
-Haye has never fought anyone as fast, hits as hard, is as tough, or of the same quality, that fighter simply doesn't existtoday, he'd have no chance
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