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Default Re: Roy Jones vs. Harry Greb @ MW.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
no they're not, atleast not imo.

Debating the outcome of a fight involving a fighter noone here has ever seen is just, meh.

Greb achieved great things and he gets his due credit but here we'retrying to match someone noone has ever seen with a man who is easily identified as one of the best filmed fighters ever. It's a fruitless task imo.
Luf, we will never see films of Harry Greb in action...SO WHAT ?
We may never see a tornado as an eyewitness but we judge the severity of yje hurricane by it's aftermath of damage done...Same with Harry Greb...We read of his incredible record ,beating every Hall of Fame fighters he fought. Most of them taller, heavier and stronger, but NOT TOUGHER...
There are so many VIVID accounts of Harry Greb's fights ,hundreds of them by top notch writers describing his greatness, stamina, enormous speed
and ability to throw volleys of punches in any opponents mush, and never
giving them the ball...They were busy protecting themselves from his non stop attack...Virtually all his opponents declared Greb the best fighter they ever faced for a damn good reason, HE WAS...Sure it is nice to see a film, but even seeing a film of any old fighter tells nothing about that oldtimer.
What fight was on the film is important...For example if 100 years from njow the onlky film available of Ray Robinson was a film of Ray getting his
ass kicked by Randy Turpin in London or Ralph Tiger Jones, the fans likely would conclude that Robinson was not that good as the "oldtimers" said.,,.They could not be more wrong...Harry Greb did amazing things in the ring for him to be lauded as the greatest...What 160 pound MW could fight 45 bouts in one year, and win THEM ALL. What MW could lick the BEST Lightheavyweights and heavyweights of his time,spotting them
10-35 pounds and ONE EYE to boot ? No other than Harry Greb with 300 bouts...Cheers.
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