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Default Re: ROCK JAW (Neck & Jaw Strengthener for boxers)

I'll start from the beginning.

Originally Posted by tmsbry View Post
Strong legs= Strong Jaw. Nothing to do with neck/jaw muscles0
Strong legs = a solid base. No problem agreeing with that.

How you've come up with solid base = strong jaw just isn't logical to me. You''ll have to explain in more detail why having a solid base means you magically have a solid jaw. It makes no sense whatsoever.

& name me one exercise that strengthens bones,
Any weight bearing exercise will strengthen bones...

Legs are you're anchor's, stronger a persons legs are the better they can deal with & take shots,
Being able to deal with shots is very broad when you're talking about stability. Anyway, this is about the relationship between leg strength and jaw strength.

Powerlifting & boxing are 2 different sports first of all
Obviously. I was using an extreme example which you avoided answering by pretty much saying "Oh well it hasn't been tested so I think I'm right". I could do the same pointless thing - it's never been tested and proven, so you're wrong.

Just saying something doesn't make something true.

But the khan example is fact, stronger legs= better punch resistance
Khan is an example of somebody who can't take a punch. Period. Explain to me how you've come to the conclusion his ****ty ability to take a punch comes down to the fact he has weak legs. Also, give me details of every exercise he does for his legs so we can all avoid having weak legs and apparently weak jaws. After that you can tell me how much weight you need to be able to squat to prevent yourself being knocked out by your next opponent.

You can use false "facts" like this to prove anything. If a guy lifts weights and loses the clueless blame the weight training, nothing to do with the guy not having the energy due to not eating, didn't get enough sleep, had a massive adrenaline dump which tired him out, had an injury which ****ed him over, dehydrated etc. There's many many reasons why people lose fights. Just picking out one aspect of their training and saying "The fact he lost proves what I'm saying" in fact does not prove a damn thing.

Yeah I agree, but stronger legs & base, are more useful in taking shots than a strong neck,
They're both equally important in their own right.

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