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Default Re: Roy Jones vs. Harry Greb @ MW.

Originally Posted by SouthpawJab View Post
Roy Jones is world's faster than the guys they saw lol.
Maybe handspeed, but Greb had supreme foot speed that would somehow
find Harry behind his opponent...Roy Jones was IMMENSELY talented, no doubt and today I am a BIG fan of Roy also as a perceptive commentator
on boxing bouts on tv...But any fair boxing ****yst must conceed that Roy
did not come close to Greb in the amount of fights STAYING ON TOP...
Why Harry went about 290 bouts without EVER being stopped ,and with only ONE EYE that made him compensate holding his head at an angle to SEE his opponent the last years of his surreal like career...
ESB posters, THINK of the courage Greb had when blind in one eye, he entered the ring a hundred or more times, KNOWING that one blow to his remaining orbit would render him blind to his bigger opponent, and to the crowd...Think of the anxiety Greb had to overcome before every bout. Put yourself in his shoes, doing this for many years, and still dominate
your great opponents, while fearing the next punch will close your remaining eye...I rest my case !
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