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Default Re: If Vitali was fighting in the 1970's-1980's

Originally Posted by NoNeck View Post
I'm pretty sure that if Vitali tore his shoulder and quit against Byrd, Jimmy Young could cause the exact same fate.
Yeah, you can always count on a shoulder injury when guessing who would win a fight. Always. Smart ****ysis, that. Then again, Byrd had a bizarre habit of letting his punches go, mixed up with slipping them, and this is what caused his bizarre tendency to actually win so many of his fights, percentage-wise, as opposed to Young. I mean, whatever caused Byrd's amateurish predilection for punching his opponents makes him far less likely to win fantasy matches than Young. I would most definitely agree to that. Not as tasteful a waiting man as Young, that's for sure. You know what else got Byrd in trouble, traps that Young wouldn't fall into? Trying. You either do, or you don't do. You don't try. That's for fantasy fight losers.
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