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Default Re: Price's career going nowhere

Originally Posted by Ilesey View Post
Nothing. Beating them will do next to nothing for ability unless he's learning through his camps as well. He's busy and that's about it. I mean, there are other fights out there other than Skelton, but I'll not **** and moan about this one too much (given that it will be his 15th outing) provided we see Price step up in 2013.

The point you raise is the only outstanding issue I have against Price - how will he do when the going gets tough or he's tagged by a heavy puncher. Once this happens we may have an idea on just how far he can progress.
the experiance of camp is ok i guess and im ok with him being busy.fighting skelton so soon after this is good of him.but hes not going to get rounds is he??i just dont like letting propects fight guys they can walk through then throwing them in with an iron chinned gate keeper then it all goes so wrong if you get what im saying lol..obviously im wondering can he be hit and still go on..but my main concern is always going to be can he land them bombs on the cream of the division..its easy to walk through cans and look many people have done it in the past and have been let downs when they step up.....

but its good to see us brits coming up with some gd prospects who arnt arrogant tits.
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