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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by Garrus View Post
He reminds me of Jones actually.
It's maybe the best comparison, as there have been times where you just wonder why their opponents even bother trying, but even Roy never showed the ability to end things basically whenever he felt like it, in an instant, as consistently as has Anderson (obviously, that's partly down to the difference in sports. Lighter gloves, knees/kicks/elbows, submissions). The other thing, of course, is Silva has proven to be very, very tough when necessary. Even if you somehow get him in a bit of trouble or find yourself in command, you're not at all safe.

For instance, Bones is the absolute perfect guy to beat him. He's bigger, younger, ridiculously talented himself, and has the right style and tools to beat him, but I'm not picking against Silva. He's too spooky.

And he's 37.

This is maybe the craziest thing. It's not just that he's that good, it's that he's still that good! What an unfair *******.
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