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Default Re: ROCK JAW (Neck & Jaw Strengthener for boxers)

Originally Posted by rockjaw View Post
I'm having a hard time understanding why some of you think the product would not help a fighter???? The exercise strengthens the back of the neck and also the jaw muscle.Victor Ortiz just lost a bout from a broken jaw. Many fighters get their jaw broken in sparring sessions and in bouts. I can't believe the hatefull comments I have read in this forum. I think the hateful comments are made because misery loves company. Not because of the product. If i were to come on the forum and show a bag of rocks with a rope ,artwork and a mouthguard and ask $60 bucks for it..I could understand...but $5 dollars??

Most of the sales I get are from EBAY and i have had many people write to me and comment how great it works.
Why is your jaw and neck any different from theirs?

I bet if Manny Pacquiao invented Rock Jaw ...none of you would hate on it.
You reference Ortiz right here and on your site other fighters who have been KOed or jaws broken in fights...

somehow alluding to the fact that your product would stop this from happening.

You have no proof of this. None !!

Ortizs jaw was broken because his mouth was open and he was hit hard, a jaw is easily broken with an open mouth.

Do you think that if he swung that sack from his lips that this would prevent that ?? Because you are alluding to that, and that's a baseless claim.

You're selling the product, prove it works !!

If you stand there with a open mouth and a professional boxer like Josesito Lopez lands a haymaker on it , it's getting broken no 2 ways about it.
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