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Default Re: Can I start boxing at the age of 33?

Originally Posted by RockyRock View Post
Then what will be to do Running is for stamina and punches is for win.
I have no clue what the hell this is meant to mean.

Please let me know how you can win a boxing match without having stamina and throw max punches.(i think it may be possible to win chess match but not boxing match )
Who said you don't need stamina? I'm saying you're being very black and white. You seem to think it's as simple as "If i throw this many punches I'll win" and like I've told you it's not that simple. You could hit your target of running 7000 meters or whatever and get knocked the **** out 3 punches into the 1st round.

Train how you can and find your limits. There are no guidelines that say you have to throw this many punches to win, you have to be able to run this far in this time or you'll never win a match.

You have a very strange view of boxing training my friend.
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