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Default Re: giardello vs bobby watts and georgie benton

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Yeah, I agree;

Freddie Little
Joey Giardello
Bobby Boyd
Jimmy Ellis
Holly Mims

And solid trialhorses like Joseph and whatnot.

Also, where did that all out offensive come from?

When did I say I though Benton was greater than Benton? I didn't because I don't think that.

When did I say Benton was a great fighter? Whenever he had a solid victory he tended to be recognised. A few bad ones later and he slipped out of the rankings. It happens. Before Carter, he was ranked third by The Ring.

When did I say Benton was the more proven and successful fighter? I didn't, but fact is he did beat Giardello handily.

Benton Whips Giardello: 10th ranked George Benton, hammering away with short left chops and long looping left hooks, scored a unanimous decision over No.2-ranked middleweight contender Joe Gardello…In the 6th Benton backed Giardello into a corner and had him sagging on the ropes with a series of punches. At one point Giardello fell outside of the ring but it was not scored a knockdown — Associated Press
George Benton has emerged from oblivion after years of frustration with a victory over no.2-ranked Joey Giardello. Now he wants a shot at the title….Meanwhile Benton, despite earning $9,611-his largest purse ever-isn‟t quitting the job he‟s been working in manufacturing plant at Fairless Hills, Pa…. Benton, a masterful boxer, kept the pressure on his opponent with a left jab, left hooks and combinations. — Charleston Daily Mail
Benton, forcing the fight all the way, completely outclassed Giardello in the opening three rounds. He had Giardello bewildered with jabs and right and left crosses and opened a cut over the favorite’s right eye in the 3rd round. But Giardello wouldn’t quit. He took the offensive in the 4th through the 7th rounds, delivering a bruising body attack that forced Benton to miss with his potent jabs. The bout was headed for a photo finish when Benton exploded in the final two rounds — United Press International

He was good enough to go tooth and nail with Carter, in a great fight where Rubin showed he was not just a basic slugger.

The thread question was essentially 'who would win out of Giardello and Benton'? I answered it, I wasn't trying to change history or whatnot, that is fact. I wasn't making Giardello out to be a lesser fighter or that his title reign was a sham because he didn't meet Benton. But Benton did clearly get the better of him. And one article quoted Giardello as saying 'who'd he ever lick?' when Benton was mooted as an opponent when Giardello was champion, although it seemed an off the cuff remark and not a first hand source. Still of small interest.

As you correctly pointed out, Benton did split two fights with Morris, who wasn't all that, but does Giardello being the more seasoned competitor mean Benton was poor for slipping before he did, in terms of age, or are you just being harsh because you see an argument where there isn't one?

I'm not Mendoza.
No you are not Mendoza, you are a fine, solid poster, whom I respect.
If I am harsh it is because of all the middles the one one can less be accused of ducking,imo, would be Giardello, whom SRR would not give the time of day to when he was champ. Sorry if I was too intense.
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