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Originally Posted by FloydWillnever View Post
Both Mitchell and Murray would beath Harrison easily.
The same Mitchell who just just got wiped out against the Rickster? A lofty statement indeed
& Murray, who got wiped out by the guy who got wiped out by Burns? A loftier statement
I would back Scott Harrison to beat Mitchell, AND Murray. Are you forgetting who Scotty is? Both thesae guys would engage him, & like Brandon Rios, if you fight scottys fight? You will be broken down.

It seems every man & his dog thinks Scott has nothing left cos he couldnt KO a guy who was down in the 1st, and ran for the next 5.

Im used to the Scotty hate on here though, & its always a pleasure when he proves people wrong. Hes did it before, & he will do it again. Mitchell & Murray? pfft. Scotty will make mincemeat of them.

Mitchell has a chance if he boxes, but in a fight against the teak tough tartan terror in front of a charged atmosphere? He will be sucked in at some point. Hes too english not to want to have a war with a jock foe! Murray? Hes already turned down a fight with Scotty, so doesnt look like he fancies the job from the outset.

Scotty is BACK. If he doesnt get banged up again? Just you wait & see what he does, Scotty will be doing the banging up!

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