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Default Re: If Vitali was fighting in the 1970's-1980's

Vitali was never down and he was never behind on points in a fight.

Yes, he lost twice... LTKOby9 to Chris Byrd (torn rotator) and LTKOby6 to Lennox Lewis (cuts). He improved after these fights... but he was very good even in these fights.

Vitali is taller and heavier than any of the fighters we are putting him against and he knew how to use his size advantages. He has a solid chin, he has good stamina, good power, a good jab, and is strong. These are understatements because he gets an A+ in all of these areas. Vitali was able to beat huge men with ease. He was able to beat smaller men with ease.

Ali, Holmes, and Foreman are all top 5 all-time HWs IMO. Frazier is pretty damn good as well. In all honesty, not much seperates Norton from Frazier in terms of ability. They both did well vs. Ali in 3 fights (both beat him once), they both stopped Quarry, both stopped Ron Stander, and they were both stopped early by Foreman.

I think Ali, Holmes, and Foreman win tough fights vs. Vitali. I don't think these other guys beat him. We are talking about Vitali at his best vs. these guys at their best. I don't think Vitali was at his very best vs. Byrd or even Lewis... although he was close to it.

Ruddock wasn't **** compared to Vitali btw!
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