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Default Re: Roy Jones vs. Harry Greb @ MW.

Originally Posted by rusak View Post
They never saw Roy Jones though.

Since Greb liked fighting bigger guys, let him come in at 165 or so against Jones at 180-185. Jones is bigger, almost certainly faster. I suspect Jones is actually quite a bit faster.

Greb can't bully Jones, so what is he going to do? Let's not pretend that Greb wasn't stopped by welterweights either. I think Jones in those small gloves has an excellent chance at a stoppage.
err.. to my knowledge Greb was truly KO'd only once, in his 7th fight, by a very good Joe Chip and this happened when he was the modern equivalent of a junior welter fighting a true middle who was on a tear.

Greb got a lot better in the next years. That would be like calling out Roy's amateur loss to Frankie Liles.

Remember, fellow fighters, even great fighters, and trainers did not remark that Greb was merely fast but that he was the fastest they had ever seen... and this was in an era when there were a lot more active boxers than in the 1990's. I would not so lightly claim that Roy was faster than Greb and certainly not consider that he was much faster.

Also, while we talking speed, I think we have two different types here. Roy, as a bait and pounce guy or an aggressor was a bit of a pot-shotter. One punch, see the results, then perhaps follow up with a flurry. Greb was a swarmer in the true sense. He overwhelmed his opponents with volume and angles. Two very different types of speed. Roy was could deliver a single punch in half a blink; Greb just delivered so many punches together.
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