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Default Re: Benn, Jones, Jackson, McClellan: who hit the hardest?

Originally Posted by HerolGee View Post
thats probably what distinguishes sheer physical power from actual precision force, the skill Jones was the latter, an ability that travels up the weight divisions (until he fcuked up his body and started losing it with all his weight changes).

Very true...

Which is why I think G-Man, Jackson, and Benn may have had more raw power...

Roy was faster, more precise, and hit a bit more unexpected...

Roy's ability to catch fighters perfectly with a hard punch was very special... The other 3 did not have it quite as much... So I don't jump to rate Roy more powerful even though he was the only one out of that lot that wobbled a HW Champ with his power, and had true one punch knockouts with both hands at LHW...

Which almost makes you appreciate Roy even more... He had great power, but it was timing, accuracy, and perfect counters just as much as power.

He was a very great fighter.
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