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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Harrison looked shocking in his last fight on the Burns under I thought, I would try him in with 1 of these first Derry, Crolla, appleby, Walsh, Johanseen before Mitchell or Murray(who needs a fight soon)

I would put him against that guy the used to call the Clyde blitz Derry smashed in Prizefighter good local fight sells tickets and would be another step because i really think his next loss is his last before retirement or until he becomes an opponent for any above looking tp get a win over a name
Robert, surely you take the ****? Scotty was a world champion who didnt lose his title in the ring. He has had 2 wins on his comeback, & John Murray pulled out of a s**** with Scotty, leaving team harrison scrambling around for an opponent.

Now if scotty was old damaged goods, wouldnt he have been the ideal opponent for John Murray? Think about it. No-one wants to fight him, cos hes the scottish Brandon Rios.

To say scotty should fight his way up from the bottom with the resume he has inside & outside of the ring?

Gimme a break
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