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Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
..Lezzy is flyin' under Smith and slowly taking his skill set to the next level..the level required to be competitive on the world stage...and also strong as a bull at middleweight..which he has basicly been all of his career..
..and I think the critisizm of Campas is unfounded..he may be long in the tooth but he still has a winning record..
..and his next opponent is a philipino..Lez did tell me but his name escapes me at the minute..
..and Crusher..if your a fighter who wants to fight Lez..why don't you just post under your real name and come out and challenge him and be done with it..just be up front....or work your way up the rankings so the fight becomes worthwhile for Lez..
..and anyone else who likes to bag...keep it up because I know that Lezzy thrives on it..he's made a nice little career out of proving the doubters wrong....cheers.
Dark horse I think your the only bloke on here that does not know who I am. Blokes have named me on here a few times. When I did put the challenge to les's people i was rated no.8 in the world by the Wbo. I'm retired now. But he was rated at 6 I think by the ibf. It could if been marketed into a reasonable event. I am not saying les didn't want the fight but his promoter didn't.
As for Yory boy decent fighter who is way Past it. If you knew your boxing you wouldn't be talking that victory up as though it now entitles you a world title shot.
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