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Default Re: Roy Jones vs. Harry Greb @ MW.

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
Remember, fellow fighters, even great fighters, and trainers did not remark that Greb was merely fast but that he was the fastest they had ever seen... and this was in an era when there were a lot more active boxers than in the 1990's. I would not so lightly claim that Roy was faster than Greb and certainly not consider that he was much faster..
The footage we have of Greb would suggest he isn't nearly as quick, also:

Bartfield won the newspaper decision according to both the Buffalo Boxing Record and the Pittsburgh Post. According to the Post, it was a stormy, rough battle. Greb overpowered his man in the clinches and forced Bartfield to the ropes. "But he could not even up the soldier's wonderful early round battling and hard hitting." Bartfield stood and punched back when Greb attacked. Evidently Greb did not have the advantage of quickness and speed that he usually enjoyed. It was a close battle and opinions were somewhat divided. Dan McKetrick, Bartfield's manager, rushed to Western Union and sent out a phony report that Bartfield had won every round!

Newspaper win for Gibbons according to the Pittsburgh Post. Greb "took the licking of his life." Gibbons won 7 rounds, Greb only two (narrowly), and the third round was even. "Gibbons astonished the fans with the speed and accuracy of his punches, and his ability to make Harry miss and look bad. Gibbons has made a believer of this writer (Florent Gibson), who did not believe him of the same caliber as Greb. Ringsiders declared..that Harry looked awfully bad and didn't fight his usual fight." Gibbons "seemed to solve Greb's attack with ease." He marked up Greb badly but didn't hurt him too much. "Gibbons was the aggressor at all stages. He had Harry backing away from the start..and this is unusual." Greb even had to hold in the last three rounds. Greb occasionally switched around and surprised Gibbons, but not much. Gibbons made Greb's right hand almost useless. Greb did win the 5th and 6th rounds but he definitely took a licking.

I think I read something about O'Dowd being as quick in their match too

Originally Posted by PetethePrince View Post
Jones threw with an explosion of speed and power. In terms of punching speed and form, Jones is clearly superior. I don't need film to make this assessment. Greb by all accounts was more of a windmill. Happily trading away technique and power for speed & activity. Not trying to dumb it down too much as there clearly is a science to Greb's approach. He was successful for a reason, after all.

What's the point, though? Jones speed is more dangerous and lethal. I don't doubt Greb could flurry faster. But if you had to get hit by either man's flurry... we know the answer to that question.
Hard to pinpoint Greb's style but he does seem about workrate as much as speed
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