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Default Re: How to beat Anderson Silva (HILARIOUS!)

Originally Posted by rainmaker View Post
That's basically the point, this isn't a fight they can sell, even the UFC top brass know this, thats why they are going this way with it. But looking at the bigger picture, these kinds of fights won't win the organisation many new fans. And there are starting to be far too many mismatches.
The original main event was Aldo defending his title against Koch. That's a good fight.

Koch got injured, and they moved Frankie Edgar in. That's a good fight too, maybe even a better fight.

Aldo got injured, and for main event #3, on less than one month's notice, they found Anderson and Bonnar.

And by the way, everybody expected Anderson to win, he's the p4p #1 and quite possibly the GOAT. So you can quit acting smug that you called the result. Because in fact you didn't call the result. You covered your ass. If Anderson had taken a while to warm up and won in the 2nd or 3rd round or taken a decision, you would have claimed that Zuffa "asked him to push it out a few rounds" like you also predicted.

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