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Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
If I'm not mistaken he did call for a rematch with Wlad. Where was Dempsey's 'competitive spirit' against Wills again? Oh he signed to fight C Class Brennan, LHW Gibbons, Dying Miske and Firpo instead

Haye may have "called out" Wlad as a token gesture immediately after the fight, but all the quotes I've seen from Haye ever since have Haye wanting to fight Vitali.

Dempsey may or may not have dodged Wills, I don't know (it's been discussed on ESB ad nauseaum and it's quite likely he did), but I think he showed his 'competitive spirit' many a time on his way up, fighting in a much tougher era than Haye would likely have survived in.

Anyway, Haye's 6 career HW fights in 4.5 years is hardly a resume to brag about; he's not exactly cleaned out the division himself, and hardly went out 'on his shield' against Wlad; at least Dempsey took a rematch with his conqueror Tunney, Haye put up such a poor show against Wlad there was very little demand for a rematch.
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